Four steps to carbon neutral business

The road to becoming a carbon neutral organisation is ...

Digitisation and innovation are vital steps to decarbonisation

Energy businesses, from legacy through to disruptor, need to ...

People and households produce highest CO2 emissions

Consumer expenditure is the largest single UK emissions contributor, ...

Sustainability strategy for 6,000 UK sites and buildings

A new ESG strategy aims to improve sustainability practices ...
carbon neutral

Four steps to carbon neutral business

The road to becoming a carbon neutral organisation is complex and different for every business but here are four key steps to success. To highlight

product design

Building sustainability into product design

Creating a sustainable product involves every part of the item’s design, material sourcing, manufacture, distribution, sale and end-of-life. The process requires materials and resources, transport,

World Environment Day

Youth delegation demands climate action

Youth stars, broadcasters and climate experts are demanding a new, serious and science-led environmental law. To highlight World Environment Day a youth delegation has personally


Navigating the maze of green finance

April – The journey to net zero is accelerating due to the increasing alignment of ...

Building sustainability into construction

May – Steel, concrete, cement and fossil fuels used in the construction process are major ...

Net zero maritime and the voyage to sustainability

June – Efforts to decarbonise the maritime industry are gathering pace with new technologies and ...

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Ep 16. The need for circularity

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation defines the circular economy as a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment. In contrast to the ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, a circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources. In this week’s episode of the Net Zero Heroes podcast we are joined by Kevin Quast, global business lead of the Honeywell Plastics Circularity Business, Claire Brady, associate director at Stand and Matt Manning, head of circularity at BT Group to discuss how we can transition to a circular economy.

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