NHS first net zero building near completion

NHS net zero

NHS Property Services are close to completing the NHS’s first Net-Zero building with Devizes Health Centre set to be one of the South West’s first Integrated Health Centres. Andrew Strange, Regional Partnership Director at NHS Property Services, said: “We are delighted to say that works are very near to completion on this long-awaited project. Just […]

Sustainability trends in the technology industry

sustainability in the tech industry

Sustainability issues and ESG trends shaping the technology sector include technology’s climate impact, supply chain sustainability, the circularity gap, nature-related impacts, and digital ethics. Sustainability risks and opportunities facing the tech sector are striking. While for many sectors COVID-19 has posed significant challenges, for technology it has also opened numerous new opportunities, according to SustainAbility […]

Decarbonising manufacturing: challenges and opportunities

decarbonising manufacturing

Decarbonising manufacturing is a key goal of Britain’s manufacturers as they seek to slash greenhouse gas emissions, cut energy use and switch to sustainable energy sources. Decarbonising manufacturing has become a priority despite unprecedented economic challenges, with eight in ten companies saying it is now of high or medium importance. Latest research by Make UK […]

Sustainable fashion industry environmental compliance

sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is the key objective of consumers and industry alike with companies increasingly required to conduct environmental and ESG audits. Sustainable fashion is increasingly being demanded by consumers and the legal requirement for manufacturers, retailers and brands to provide transparency on their sustainability and ESG efforts. Companies are now increasingly required to measure and […]