COP27, blockchain and a greener future for crypto

Marieke Flament, CEO, Near Foundation argues that the much maligned crypto secure has cleaned up its act and is now a force for good in the drive to mitigate climate change. This month the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) is underway in Cairo, turning the world’s attention to the global climate crisis and […]

The path to meet the 2oC target is running short

Dr Aidan Bell, co-founder EnviroBuild explains why COP events are important because they provide a focal point on the environment every year. COP events are often preceded with great hope:  COP 15 in Copenhagen was Obama’s first as US President, so was entered with great hope, and ended with a political accord outside the UNIPCC […]

Carbon credits market rocked by India’s export ban

Carbon credits

India’s proposed ban on the export of carbon credits could destabilise the world net zero market and lead to millions in lost revenues. Carbon credits support the established practice of carbon offsetting and changes planned by the Indian government could seriously disrupt the market, increase prices and hamper efforts to meet climate targets. India recently […]

COP27: trust is key to mobilising trillions needed to reduce emissions


Wealthy countries must build trust at COP27 by honouring pledged climate finance and mobilising trillions needed to build resilience and reduce emissions. The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) urges wealthy countries to meet their obligations under the Paris Agreement to deliver agreed climate finance and mobilise further funds to support decarbonisation and adaptation of […]