Is it another Groundhog Day for climate action?

Ahead of another UN climate conference, Juan Pablo Solis, senior advisor for climate and environment, Fairtrade International urges governments for concrete action… but time is running out In the 1993 comedy film Groundhog Day, Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a misanthropic and cynical Pennsylvania weatherman condemned to reliving February 2nd repeatedly until his ethical compass […]

How developing nations can help developed economies with clean energy provision

Florian Kemmerich, managing partner, Bamboo Capital Partners explains why finance is crucial for the develop worlds to adopt renewable energy. As the world looks to its leaders gathering in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, for COP27, there is speculation about what actions will be decided upon and prioritised. The climate crisis is real, and it is not […]

COP27: the highway to climate hell


COP27 opening day laid out a stark warning to the world to take urgent action now before it’s too late. COP27 opening statement by UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres (pictured) told world leaders that the world is on a highway to climate hell with its foot on the accelerator. “We are in the fight of our lives […]

Afforestation is crucial to help meet carbon reduction targets


Afforestation and reforestation are crucial to help meet climate targets as trees and forests are one of the most important stores of carbon on the planet. Trees use carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis to feed their growth for which they then store the carbon. In the UK forests currently hold 3.7 billion tonnes […]