Sustainability commitments a ‘blind spot’ for UK business


Sustainability messaging is a ‘blind spot’ for businesses that are disconnected from consumer perceptions, a new report reveals. New research finds that ‘climate justice’ is used 29 times more by consumers than companies when talking about sustainability, followed by ‘climate crisis’ (24x) and ‘huge impact’ (36x) – suggesting a breakdown in communication between businesses and […]

Science is key to understanding and responding to climate change


Science is the key to understanding climate change and solutions to meet net zero targets, says Kirsty Green-Mann. “On COP27’s Science, Youth and Future Generations Day, it is apt to consider the role science is playing in how climate change is understood and responded and adapted to, particularly with science-based targets and innovative solutions,” said […]

COP27 youth demand an end to dirty fuel investments

COP27 youth

COP27 youth protested at the UN climate summit calling for an end to investment in fossil fuels. COP27 youth protested inside the main square of the ‘Blue Zone’ located in an outdoor area of the Tonino Lamborghini International Convention Centre. Some 50 activists, including representatives of the youth and persons with disabilities, plus a Pikachu, […]

The time is right to depoliticise climate change

Ben Turner, CEO, Origen Carbon Solutions argues that politics should not be a factor in holding back carbon removing technologies. If we are ever to undo the damage done by two centuries of unfettered industrialisation, then the emerging carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry must be given room to develop and grow at scale and pace. […]

Net zero needs more than ambition it requires a coherent strategy

Eileen Sharpe, executive vice president, IDA Ireland outlines the five steps organisations must take to reduce their carbon footprint. Seventy countries, including EU members, the United States and China have set net-zero targets addressing approximately 76 per cent of all global emissions. 1,200+ companies, more than 1,000 cities, and over 1,000 educational institutions have committed […]