Alliance for Industry Decarbonisation aims to decarbonise industrial value chains


The Alliance for Industry Decarbonisation held the group’s maiden meeting at COP27 and outlined a joint vision and implementation plan. The group, formed of 28 member companies across all industry sectors, held their first Alliance meeting during COP27’s Decarbonisation Day in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, with the meeting focused on six pillars and enablers: renewables, […]

COP27 must grasp the nettle on climate funding

Gian Autenrieth, Co-Lead at D-REC argues that funding to help secure net zero and climate adaptation in emerging countries has too long been a slow, sclerotic process typified by a reliance on multilateral funding.   The opening day of COP27 has been marked by emerging economies repeating their calls for financial assistance to enhance adaptation […]

Cultural Survival call for greater participation in global climate action

Cultural Survival

Indigenous representation is essential in moving world leaders to take immediate action on climate change and the Cultural Survival delegation is joining the Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus and other Indigenous and allied leaders in pushing policymakers for urgent and holistic responses to climate chaos. Cultural Survival is calling for proactive efforts to centre, resource, and respect […]

The finance sector must move further and faster on deforestation

Josh Brewer, sustainable finance associate, Global Canopy explains why there is no pathway to net zero without addressing tropical deforestation Forests matter in the climate crisis. They matter because their destruction is causing ten per cent of our global greenhouse gas emissions. They matter because they support the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, […]

Fashion’s green future: Why we urgently need traceability in the supply chain

Debbie Shakespeare, senior director, sustainability, compliance and core product line management, RBIS Avery Dennison argues that the fashion industry needs to adopt circularity. Fashion has a dark side. Of the 100 billion garments produced each year, 92 million tonnes are dumped. That is the equivalent of a rubbish truck full of clothes go to landfill […]

Confronting the tricky challenge of decarbonising the housing sector

Mark Davis, partnerships and communications director at Public Sector Plc (PSP) discusses the challenges facing the housing sector for both new build and existing stock. Climate change is today’s most significant environmental challenge. But creating a sustainable and efficient framework to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions requires both sweeping change and incremental steps from every […]

Fashion industry emissions are too high and cannot go unchecked

Fashion industry

Fashion industry brands will fail to reduce emissions by 55 per cent by 2030 unless real action is taken soon, say As global leaders gather for COP 27, an updated analysis by of the fashion industry’s emissions shows why its pollution cannot go unchecked. The fashion industry is a massive global emitter, responsible […]

Vehicle recycling solution aims to end waste landfill within four years

Vehicle recycling

Vehicle recycling has taken a big step to net zero with a new process that ends landfill and produces clean energy. Waste management specialist Recycling Lives has developed a pioneering approach to dealing with vehicle recycling and the estimated two million cars that reach the end of their life in UK every year. The company recycles the majority of […]