Open waste burning: a globally neglected threat

Dr Andriannah Mbandi, waste management deputy lead, United Nations high level climate champions and Engineering X initiative on open burning of waste looks at the challenges the world faces in dealing with garbage The COP27 climate summit is drawing global scrutiny of the progress made by individuals, organisations, and governments in tackling climate change, as […]

Net zero sport: the Olympic games

Olympic games

The 2000 Olympics in Sydney was promoted as the world’s first ‘green’ games, writes Nick Gibson. What was the impact of the 2000 Olympic Games and did it begin world sport’s path to an eco-friendly future? Marie Sallois, Corporate & Sustainable Development Director at the International Olympics Committee, charts the progress of world sport’s net […]

Involving religion in discourse could help address climate change

Professor James Walters, academic at LSE’s Religion and Global Society Unit, are currently researching the role of inter-faith dialogue in resolving modern global challenges in a project grant funded by Templeton Religion Trust For those of us based in the largely secular West, it is easy to forget how prominently religion features in the lives […]

Traditional financing models will not get us to net zero

Jeff Waller, head of sustainable finance at ENGIE Impact reveals three steps to bridge the gap to net zero with sustainable finance As decarbonisation efforts accelerate, traditional financing models are falling short when it comes to aligning organisations with their sustainability goals. Current capital allocation models leave many organisations struggling to find the necessary funds for their […]

Construction is failing decarbonisation with ‘10 gigatonne’ emissions


Construction accounts for 34 per cent of global energy demand and will fail to meet decarbonisation pledges by 2050, according to the UN Environment Programme. The global building and construction boom has pushed the sector’s CO2 emissions to an all-time high of 10 gigatonnes, meaning that it is now “off track” to meet decarbonisation pledges by […]

Four steps to an effective gender equality strategy

Gender equality

Roxanne Ratcliff, senior business partner CR diversity and inclusion at Burges Salmon explains why companies that are gender-inclusive in executive teams are more profitable than companies that ignore gender equality We all want a better reflection of gender diversity in our businesses and leadership teams right? Even if you are immune to the rhetoric the research is […]