GEAPP confirms support for countries’ Just Energy Transition Partnership


The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) announced support for its country partners as they push forward on their energy transition plans, including the Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETP) process and other improvements vital to successful energy transitions. South Africa, Indonesia, and Vietnam publicly noted GEAPP’s support during COP27 in Egypt and the G20 […]

Why Africa’s COP needs to address African issues

Professor Desta Mebratu, waste management lead, United Nations high level climate champions and Engineering X initiative on open burning of waste explains why Africa must be the focus of the latest UN conference. Climate change is already having significant effects on the entire world. Those who are most affected are the world’s poorest and most […]

Better public transport is crucial to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility

Miguel Simão, lead data scientist at Stratio explains why public mobility must be at the forefront of COP 27’s approach to bringing down GHG emissions The transportation sector is the largest contributor to GHG emissions. So, while transitioning towards a future where all private vehicles are electric and zero emission is important, we must also reduce the […]

Retrofitting UK housing stock for carbon neutrality will cost trillions


Residential buildings represent 22 per cent of UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions and households will require financial support to achieve energy efficiency. It will cost £7bn to retrofit housing in Nottingham alone, a new study has revealed. The findings come from the “Nottingham Carbon Neutral Housing: Cost vs Carbon Retrofit Roadmap” project, which received £350,000 […]

Climate action must be integrated into infrastructure development, says UNOPS

Climate action

Climate action must be inclusive, rights-based and integrated into infrastructure development to support the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, according to UNOPS latest research. A new report by UNOPS finds that inclusive infrastructure influences the achievement of up to 88 per cent of the Sustainable Development Goals. It calls for an approach to climate action […]

The role of critical minerals in energy transition

energy transition

Energy transition to net zero will depend on critical minerals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel and copper but strategies are needed in relation to supply chains that give access to these minerals and associated infrastructure for refining and processing. Here, the role of critical minerals in energy transition is highlighted by Partner James Horton, associate […]

COP27 urged to unlock the barriers to hydropower development


Hydropower as an enabler of other renewables and provider of firm electricity must be reflected in net zero strategies, the IHA urges. Hydropower can meet increasing demand for renewable sources of electricity and global policymakers and financial decision-makers must support and incentivise sustainable hydropower, says the International Hydropower Association. The IHA believes three clear actions […]