Effective use of data is crucial to improving the water usage for industrial operations

Jane Ren, CEO at Atomiton, explains that there are technologies available to drastically improve water usage Water touches every aspect of development and livelihoods, and it links with nearly every Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). It drives economic growth, supports healthy ecosystems, and is essential and fundamental for life itself. So proclaims the preamble to the […]

Passing time adds to the cost of responding to climate change

Sophie Haas, head of sustainable investing at JP Morgan explains why climate change will not be stopped without serious climate financing. At a time when extreme weather events are increasing in size and scale, the need for public and private financing in the transition to net-zero has never been more pressing. The last eight years […]

Waste management crisis has reached tipping point

Waste management

Waste management and open burning of waste in African nations is reaching a tipping point and action must be taken, according to global safety charity, Lloyd’s Register Foundation. A report by Engineering X, an international collaboration founded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Lloyd’s Register Foundation, revealed the full extent of the challenges faced by many […]

The healthcare sector can pave the way to green technology

Lucy Symons-Jones, director of net zero at Lexica explains why the UK public sector is where clean technology can prove itself before it can be scaled down to serve our homes and businesses. The energy crisis has highlighted, more than ever, the urgent need to get off of gas and move public sector organisations over […]