Offsetting must be used as a last resort on the journey to net zero

Sophie Haas, head of sustainable investing at JP Morgan explains the need for incentives and investments into both mature and innovative solutions to achieve net zero The planet is in a critical phase and will require radical reform if we are to remain below the 1.5⁰C warming threshold. Decarbonisation must happen at an accelerated pace, […]

Tyre upcycling fashion brand drives reduction in carbon footprints

Tyre upcycling

Tyre upcycling fashion brand Laura Zabo has seen 100x return on investment with fashion accessories made entirely from scrap tyre rubber. Tyre upcycling, recycling and eco-friendly disposal is essential as the UK generates over 486,000 tonnes of used tyres (around 55 million tyres) every year. In the USA more than 70 Gigawatts of energy is […]