Transport life-cycle analysis needed to raise standards in emissions reporting

Transport life-cycle

Transport life-cycle analysis can provide verified, quantifiable impact reporting as part of a 100 per cent circular process. Muirhead, a supplier of leather to the aviation, bus, coach, and rail industries, has advised the passenger transport sector to consider the life-cycle emissions of its suppliers in a bid to raise standards in carbon footprint reporting. […]

Carbon capture and storage holds the key to a low carbon future

Glynn Williams, CEO at Silixa argues that CCS is vital to a low carbon future but requires investment and regulatory framework to make it a reality When we engage with the overriding messages from the environmental groups, we hear an argument that the fossil fuel sector and industrial sectors that emit carbon are the enemy. […]

Waste plastic can become the sustainable future of road surfaces

Toby McCartney, CEO and co-founder at MacRebur explains how plastic can be turned into a material to pave our roads instead of beings sent to landfill Did you know that 55 per cent of the UK’s plastic ends up in landfill? In fact, every single piece of plastic ever created is still here on earth […]