Sustainable packaging compliance with new tech-stack data platform

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is a priority across retail and industry to comply with increasing regulation and consumer demand. Sustainable packaging compliance involves oversight of materials, design, legislation, compliance and recyclability. Aura’s e-halo packaging sustainability platform provides real-time technical and sustainability packaging data that allows clients to track progress against their current climate targets and future roadmaps […]

Net zero is not good enough – we need to be nature positive

Ruth Murray, associate director of sustainable infrastructure at Gresham House outlines the importance of biodiversity on the journey to a net-zero future All eyes are on net zero – from governments at COP27 to corporations making pledges. Climate change poses an existential threat. But this is only one half of the equation. Nature has subsidised […]

COP27 makes positive progress but small steps are not enough

Joseph Lewis, policy lead at Institution of Environmental Sciences argues that we need a transformational approach to achieve our sustainability goals A year ago, COP26 was supposed to be a make-or-break moment for climate action. As the Institution for Environmental Sciences published its Manifesto for Transformative Change, we said that the decisions we make “will […]