UK’s first waste-to-DME plant one step closer to construction


A planned £150m plant will produce renewable & recycled carbon DME a clean, sustainable fuel from non-recyclable waste. The project covers 14 acres at Teesworks inland development Dorman Point, near Middlesborough, UK. The project will create up to 300 direct jobs during construction and operations, with wider positive impacts for the whole supply chain Renewable […]

Ten reasons for recycling metal

Recycling metal

Recycling metal plays a vital role in preserving primary resources and the future of our planet, says the British Metals Recycling Association. Scrap metals are secondary raw materials whose use reduces the demand for precious natural resources needed to make new metal compounds such as iron ore in steelmaking, nickel in stainless steel or alumina […]

Low carbon transport boosted by £10m research hub

Low carbon transport

Low carbon transport plans will be drawn up by a new research hub that aims to decarbonise the UK transport system. Low carbon transport is needed to ensure the UK meets its net zero targets. The scale of the challenge is illustrated by the fact that transport accounts for 27 per cent of the UK’s […]