Standards to measure IT footprints for business

IT has established the first-ever set of standards to measure the environmental impact of IT operations. SustainableIT Environmental Standards 1.0 provides essential metrics and definitions for energy consumption, emissions, waste, and sourcing. These standards will help organisations consistently and accurately gauge IT’s environmental impact, set goals and track progress for improving the building, running, managing […]

Engineering firm transforms its HQ into a net zero building

net zero

BGEN has completed the transformation of its headquarters into a net zero building. The project has seen BGEN invest in some of the latest sustainable technologies as the company looks to achieve net zero status by 2035 at the latest. “As a business we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as soon as possible,” […]

£60 million to boost clean maritime solutions


Efforts to develop clean maritime solutions have been boosted by new government funding aimed at decarbonising the maritime sector. For the first time, the UK government is funding the development of new clean maritime technology across a two-year period. Companies in 12 regions around the UK will benefit from the cash, generating highly skilled jobs […]

IoT to predict extreme climate events


The use of technology such as IoT in combating climate change is ever more essential for businesses and governments to meet sustainability goals. The recent increase in extreme weather conditions across the globe is one example of such effects, resulting in incidents of wildfires – as seen in the elongated wildfire seasons in California, caused […]