Understanding how corporate PPAs are influencing the energy transition


Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) have enabled significant growth in the commercial and industrial renewable power supply space, influencing final investment decisions from developers and investors looking to construct new renewable energy assets. Big tech companies are some of the biggest purchasers of PPAs. Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta were the top three largest corporate buyers […]

Electric air taxi makes world’s longest eVTOL flight


A new battery-powered air taxi has travelled 250KM in the world’s longest eVTOL flight on a single charge of lithium-ion batteries. The flight, which took place at AutoFlight’s eVTOL (electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) testing facility on February 23th, consisted of 20 circuits on a predefined flight track, with the plane remotely piloted from […]

New ocean biodiversity monitoring system


A new ocean biodiversity monitoring system has gone live in the Mediterranean to provide real time environmental data. The pilot OCG-Data Blue Oracle (Buoy with Lidar and Underwater Equipment for Ocean Resource Assessment and Characterisation of Life in the Environment), is now anchored 30km offshore Leucate in the Occitanie region in 95m water depth: in one of […]