New maritime recycling site launched in Saudi Arabia


Recycling of vessels at their end-of-life will play a vital role in the creation of a circular maritime industry. A new sustainable recycling facility for end-of-life ships is planned at the port of Al Jubail in Saudi Arabia. In addition to four dry docks, various warehouses are being developed for the dismantling and recycling of […]

AI-based solution to reduce CO2 from high-emitting industries

high-emitting industries

A new AI-enabled solution aims to reduce 230m tonnes of CO2 from high-emitting industries such as oil refining by 2030. Dutch-based company Angara has designed and commercialised an innovative decarbonisation solution for energy-intensive process industries to substantially abate emissions and save costs by boosting the efficiency of heat exchanging equipment. The company’s DecarbonX Program includes […]