How consumers are shaping corporate sustainability strategies

corporate sustainability

As climate change intensifies, companies across sectors are transforming their business models to forge a sustainable future – one that protects people, planet, and profits. According to a 2022 report from the Institute for Business Value (IBM), in the race to reduce emissions, consumption, and waste – while protecting biodiversity – everything is on the […]

Accelerated transition to electric mobility


Electric trucks and vans are an increasingly common site on roads across Europe and are key to the decarbonisation of transport. From battery-powered cargo bikes to heavy-duty freight trucks the move to electric vehicles is gathering pace and Renault is one of the key e-mobility players in Europe. Renault Trucks held 24.2 per cent of […]

Germany’s first carbon capture plant now online

carbon capture

Carbon capture technology is being used to remove CO2 from a major cement manufacturing plant in Rohrdorf, Germany. The carbon capture process at the plant in Upper Bavaria is designed for a daily capacity of up to 1,500 tons of CO2 and will make a considerable contribution to CO2 reduction and thus to a sustainable […]