Employee demand for workplace sustainability learning content on the rise


With millennials and Gen Z driving the sustainability conversation, people across the world are feeling the effects of the climate crisis – and are determined to do something about it. Views on climate change, environmental impact, and sustainability are now being carried into the workplace and influencing employee decisions – according  to research from IBM, […]

New EU net zero buildings directive


Regulation covering the environmental impact of buildings in Europe has been updated to meet new net zero targets. Three years after the European Green Deal prescribed that Europe would become the first climate neutral continent by 2050 and two years after the European Climate Law enacted a precedent to reduce emissions by at least 55 […]

Tallinn sets sustainable urban governance targets


Tallinn in Estonia is leading the network of European Green Capitals this year to promote ambitious sustainable urban transitions. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, seeks to establish new forms of urban governance and is looking forward to working with other cities in 2023. Supporting sustainable urban transitions and local green deals is at the heart […]