Waste management to get a digital transformation facelift

waste management

ISB Global and SAP aim to digitally transform waste management with a focus on recycling, sustainability and zero waste across global supply chains.  At present, a lot of waste management providers still use legacy IT systems, making it extremely difficult to track where waste is going, and in most cases, more recyclable waste is sent […]

Data centres must collaborate to decarbonise digital infrastructure

data centres

Serverfarm is calling for an end to the siloed thinking that is preventing real sustainability actions in IT and data centres. “It is time for CIO, CTO and data centre leader stakeholders to address head on the ESG, decarbonisation and sustainability challenges we face today if we are to deliver true net zero data centres […]

Security of energy supply is industry’s top concern


Three-quarters of energy leaders say that security of energy supply is the number one concern for their organisation. Energy security is the leading concern resulting from the global energy crisis that has led to a capital crunch and severely depleted investment levels, new research shows. The majority of energy leaders believe the current energy crisis […]

50,000 bottles removed from oceans to tackle plastic pollution

plastic pollution

The world’s seven seas are being cleaned by diving crews around the globe today in an epic move to tackle ocean plastic pollution. The worldwide deep-sea clean-up was led by Zero Co and The Hidden Sea – a wine company on a mission to remove one billion plastic bottles by 2023 – as part of […]

Reducing the carbon footprint of one million websites

carbon footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint of websites and IT systems is the latest initiative of content management system company Umbraco. The company, the largest open-source .Net CMS in the world, is supported by more than 250,000 software contributors, implemented by 1,500 digital agency partners and used to develop more than a million websites. It is among […]