Automated circular economy plant for waste textiles

waste textiles

UKFT is developing a fully-integrated and automated sorting and pre-processing plant for waste textiles from the fashion industry. The Autosort for Circular Textiles Demonstrator (ACT UK) is a £4 million two-year project that will support the transition from uneconomic manual sorting of clothes and textiles that are not suitable for resale to highly-automated sorting and […]

Sustainability consultancy achieves carbon neutral status

carbon neutral

In a move to demonstrate its commitment to become net zero by 2030, EDW Group has become carbon neutral. EDW group, comprising of TEAM Energy and EDW Technology, provides carbon management and energy retail solutions to help customers manage their energy and reduce carbon emissions. As part of the group’s own comprehensive carbon reduction strategy, […]

One per cent of earth’s atmosphere lost due to climate change

climate change

The earth has lost around one per cent its atmosphere due to climate change, according to scientific research in a new study. The loss has been caused by cooling of the upper atmosphere fuelled by rising temperatures on the earth’s surface, according to research published by Yale Environment 360 and Climate Desk. The depth of the […]

Recycled foundry sand reduces CO2 by 85 per cent


A metal foundry in Finland has reduced carbon emissions by 85 per cent by use of recycled sand used in castings.   Peiron Oy is an iron and steel foundry specialising in various types of steel and nodular iron based in Kokemäki, Finland. Peiron’s customers are mainly Finnish machine builders, to whom the company supplies […]