Clearing a path to renewable energy transition

renewable energy

Wide-ranging barriers are preventing renewable energy from contributing effectively to a green energy transition. Barriers include a lack of attention to all energy carriers, a failure to diversify renewable energy technologies beyond wind and solar power, deficiencies in policies, bottlenecks in permitting and grid connections, unequal investment levels in different regions, and continued large investments in […]

UK’s first deep geothermal heating plant is now live


A pioneering geothermal heating plant at the Eden Project in Cornwall went live today and is now generating heat. The Eden Project plant is the UK’s first operational deep geothermal heating facility plant since 1986 and, at over 4,871 metres (just over 3 miles) deep, is the longest geothermal well in the UK. The heat […]

Call to accelerate adoption of hydrogen transport


A UK-based clean-tech innovator is calling for an acceleration of hydrogen use in transport to power the journey to net zero. Bramble Energy recognises the dangerous impact air pollution can have on physical wellbeing and mental health, and is calling for industry to take action in accelerating its uptake of hydrogen as a viable clean […]

North Sea moratorium equivalent to one wind farm

North Sea

If new North Sea gas fields were halted, gas production in 2030 would be equivalent to that produced by one offshore wind farm. The new analysis from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) is based on statistics from the industry regulator the North Sea Transition Authority (NTSA), and found that installing electric heat pumps […]