Scope 3 success requires competitor collaboration

digital product passports

Scope 3 emissions are a minefield no matter how large or small the organisation – gaining oversight of your entire value chain is complex! Around 80-90 per cent of emissions sit in Scope 3 and yet there’s a huge disparity between its influence on net-zero and the amount of investment and progress made to address […]

Church of England pulls out of fossil fuel investment

Church of England

The Church of England is to end investment in fossil fuel companies, saying the industry has “undermined confidence in the sector’s ability to transition”. The Archbishop of Canterbury says the fossil fuel industry has failed to meet targets set by the Paris climate agreement and that companies’ “recent reversals of previous commitments” has “undermined confidence […]

France accelerates production of sustainable biofuels


The HYNOVERA project aims to develop a global ecosystem for production of biofuels from 100 per cent renewable energy. The new plant in France will produce hydrogen and other biofuels such as green ammonia, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and eMethanol. These are produced from biomass synthesis gas obtained in a pyro-gasification plant and green hydrogen […]

Jordan powers ahead with solar energy


Jordan is reducing carbon emission by deploying solar water heaters (SWH) operated by clean renewable solar energy. Jordan has an average sunshine duration of more than 310 days per year and large zones of excellent annual global radiation. Its geographical location in the world’s solar belt delivers an annual total of 1800–2700 kWh/m². The country […]