Finland aims for residential nuclear power plants


Steady Energy aims to decarbonise residential heating in Finland with small modular nuclear reactors. Steady Energy’s LDR-50 district heating reactor is a small modular nuclear reactor which has been in development at VTT since 2020. LDR-50 is a type name for a reactor with a heat output of 50MW. Designed to operate at around 150 degrees […]

19 years of free electricity from solar panel payback


Rooftop solar panels can pay for themselves in six years, with a lifespan of 19 years when the electricity generated is essentially free. At the same time, the cost of solar farms has reached just £54 per MWh (megawatt hour), compared to a price for gas power stations of £85 per MWh in 2025, as […]

Why carbon offsetting is not the answer to net zero

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting, compensating for emissions by investing in schemes designed to make reductions elsewhere, has been hailed by many as the be-all and end-all when it comes to businesses addressing their carbon footprints. But, while offsetting is a necessary part of the puzzle, Mauro Cozzi, co-founder of carbon management specialist Emitwise, believes it is not […]

AXA Climate training course for sustainable procurement


A new course from The Climate School, AXA’s climate training product, tackles the challenges of sustainable sourcing and procurement. Designed specifically for corporate buyers, ‘Sustainable Procurement’ offers actionable strategies to create a sustainable relationship with suppliers. In this new course, buyers will discover the central role they play in supporting their company’s social responsibility efforts and reducing environmental impact. […]