CEOs view environmental challenges as opportunities


CEOs that are future-focussed are more likely to view environmental challenges as opportunities rather than threats. CEOs that have a future focus allow organisations to tackle global environmental issues such as water scarcity much more effectively than firms who have a focus on the present or outcomes of the past, according to new research by […]

Premier League aims for sustainability goals

Premier League

Fifteen million fans attend UK Premier League football matches every year generating 20 million car journeys while UK teams travel over 300,000 miles by air to play overseas matches. It all adds up to vast amount of energy use and thousands of tons of carbon released into the atmosphere. And that doesn’t include the carbon […]

90 per cent of seafood at risk from climate change


Seafood’s’ vulnerability to environmental change has been vastly understudied, with the US and producers in Asia most at risk. More than 90 per cent of global “blue” seafood production in both capture fisheries and aquaculture faces substantial risks from environmental change, with several leading countries in Asia and the United States set to face the […]

Clean-tech solution cuts vehicle emissions by half

vehicle emissions

A new clean-tech solution can cut vehicle emissions by half and is currently sold in 32 countries around the world. AdPower is inexpensive, can be installed by anyone immediately, can reduce black smoke by half, and is claimed to be one of the most effective exhaust gas countermeasures used in emerging countries. Adpower increases airflow […]