Net zero strategy is key to finance and investment

ESG investment

The journey to net zero is accelerating as increasing alignment of regulation and finance drives rising levels of ‘green’ investment, but in the often-opaque world of eco-finance it can be hard for investors to identify ‘real’ sustainable assets. Now, in driving and measuring a company’s commercial resilience, a verifiable net zero transition strategy is considered […]

Australia’s climate tech industry needs $1.5bn to grow

climate tech

Australia’s climate tech industry needs $1.5 billion investment in the next 12 months to build the country’s net-zero economy. As a rapidly-growing industry currently worth over $4bn, Australia’s climate tech can play a vital role in meeting looming 2030 renewables and CO2 emissions reductions targets and to help avert climate catastrophe. Climate tech is also […]

The ROI of sustainability and role of the feed industry


ONE Dublin welcomed more than 500 delegates at Croke Park to explore sustainability solutions to the challenges facing the agri-food industry. The event saw industry leaders share valuable insights in live presentations and focus-track sessions while uncovering the challenges and opportunities related to agriculture. Tara McCarthy, global vice president for ESG at Alltech, highlighted the ROI of sustainability. “Our […]

Waste and recycling myths hold back industry


Recycling cuts the amount of waste deposited in landfill but myths and misunderstandings can mean that a lot of waste is never recycled. Ecoveritas has highlighted some common recycling myths and how we can best play our part and recycle in the most efficient way possible. False – The triangle icon means that something is recyclable […]

Changes to ESOS Phase 3


A range of changes have been made to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) that helps businesses reduce their energy consumption. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment scheme established by the UK government to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and lower their energy costs. Large businesses and organisations, including […]