Hitachi Energy driving transformation of world’s energy system to be more sustainable

With COP28 approaching, Hitachi claims to take more prominent strides towards shaping a sustainable energy future for all.  To pave the way for a seamless shift towards electrification across different domains like transportation and urban centres, Hitachi Energy has provided support to the Shams 400 kilovolt substation in the UAE. This integrates solar power for […]

GridBeyond strengthens its position in the US market, acquires Veritone’s energy business

Chemicals industry

The acquisition brings together two highly innovative companies specialising in energy forecasting, trading, and optimisation. GridBeyond’s technology platform enables real-time optimisation of distributed assets across various industries and types of assets. Led by Michael Phelan and Richard O’ Loughlin, GridBeyond supports electricity grid integration with renewables to make the leap to a greener future. Veritone […]