Bayer, GenZero and Shell to address methane emissions in rice cultivation

Bayer has already taken the initiative to launch a pilot Sustainable Rice Project across India. The inception of this project was driven by the aim to generate carbon reductions by motivating rice farmers to transition from the prevalent practise of transplanting via continuous flooding fields. Instead, the project advocates for alternatives like Alternate Wetting and […]

Shanxi leading the way for zero-carbon coal mining in N. China

The action plan in the coal-rich province of Shanxi is paving the way in instigating a green and low-carbon transformation throughout North China. This initiative will not only introduce cutting-edge technologies like carbon capture, utilisation, and storage but also foster industrial growth. Shanxi province has outlined its objective of identifying approximately five coal mines to […]

Is New Zealand aiming to reach 100% renewable generation?

The New Zealand government is set to collaborate with the U.S. investment giant BlackRock in its ambitious pursuit of making its electricity grid a global pioneer by relying entirely on renewable energy sources. The government has unveiled plans to assist BlackRock in launching a substantial $1.2 billion fund dedicated to accelerating investments in wind and […]

Getech unveils advanced solution to locate natural hydrogen

Getech, a renowned global subsurface resource locator, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution to precisely identify locations rich in natural hydrogen. By leveraging their expertise in genetic systems of natural hydrogen and utilising their proprietary data platform, products, and machine learning analysis, the company can accurately predict the whereabouts of natural hydrogen deposits in the subsurface. […]

Indonesia and the UK to extend partnership for clean energy transition 

The UK will provide £6.5 million (Rp 135 billion) in new funding and technical assistance to attract investments for renewable energy projects in Indonesia. UK Energy Security and Net Zero Minister Graham Stuart said that UK companies plan “to bring world-leading innovations in clean energy here along with multi-billion dollar balance sheet”. “Now, by extending […]