Red Sea Global and Zain KSA unveils the world’s first zero-carbon 5G network

The zero-carbon 5G network, designed exclusively for The Red Sea will bring guests the highest speeds for 5G connectivity in the region and be powered by 100% renewable energy from over 760,000 solar panels that Red Sea Global has built to power the entire 28,000km2 destination. “We aspire to be global pioneers of regenerative tourism […]

Diamond Offshore Drilling to access energy more sustainably

Amid mounting concerns about climate change driving the shift towards low-carbon and environmentally friendly energy sources, Diamond Offshore Drilling, a company specialising in offshore drilling, reveals the progress it made on its sustainability quest to curb its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while working to meet global energy demand. Despite the focus on climate risks and […]

UK government announces £4m AI funding to cut carbon emissions

The UK government has announced a new multi million pound investment in Artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the way industries cut their carbon emissions. Twelve green AI initiatives will receive a share of £1 million to decarbonise and boost generation of renewable energy, contributing to reaching the country’s ambitious net zero goal by 2050. The […]