Did Shell abandon ambitious strategy to reduce its carbon footprint?

After assuming the role of CEO at Shell Plc, Wael Sawan quietly halted the world’s largest corporate plan for carbon offsets, projects designed to counteract CO2 emissions’ warming effects. The revised strategy of the European oil giant emphasises on cost reduction and reinforcing profitable verticals like oil and gas. There was no mention of the […]

Sempra partners with leading consortium to pioneer e-natural gas project 

Sempra Infrastructure, a subsidiary of Sempra, has entered into an agreement with a consortium comprising Tokyo Gas Company, Osaka Gas Company, Toho Gas Company, and Mitsubishi Corporation to jointly assess a proposed project for the production of e-natural gas, a form of carbon recycling, on the U.S. Gulf Coast. If successful, this initiative could mark […]

Carbonfuture partners with Puro.earth to advance carbon removal 

The collaboration aims to expedite the scaling of durable carbon dioxide removal or CDR. Carbonfuture, in conjunction with Puro.earth, will augment its portfolio of third-party CDR standards by incorporating Puro.earth-certified projects into Carbonfuture MRV+ and the Carbonfuture Marketplace. In reciprocation, the alliance will grant Puro-certified suppliers entry to the largest carbon removal marketplace, enabling them […]