Porsche steers towards sustainable future with CO₂ extraction through DAC technology

Porsche, in partnership with Volkswagen Group Innovation, HIF Global, and MAN Energy Solutions, is spearheading a collective initiative to address the pressing challenges of global warming and escalating carbon emissions. Their focus is on Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, an innovative approach that not only mitigates emissions but also leverages carbon dioxide (CO₂) as a […]

ADNOC claims to go green, yet pledged allegiance to fossil fuels

After Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced earlier this year that it was earmarking $15 billion for investment in ‘low-carbon solutions’ by 2030; Global Witness has now found that Al-Jaber’s company is planning to spend more than $100 billion between now and 2030 on oil and gas production alone, that’s an average of $1.14 […]

Shenhua Energy to expand fossil fuel plants despite carbon neutrality pledge?

China’s largest coal company, Shenhua Energy, has announced its intention to capitalise on the current energy security priorities set by the government by expanding its fossil fuel power plant operations before 2025. General manager Xu Mingjun revealed that the company has 11.75 gigawatts of coal and gas generation projects currently under construction, with a simultaneous […]