World’s first eSOV to set sail by Bibby Marine led consortium

A consortium led by Bibby Marine has secured matching funding from the U.K. government for the development of what is poised to become the world’s first zero-emission electric service operation vessel (eSOV). This groundbreaking vessel will feature a robust 20 MWh battery system and dual fuel methanol engines for backup, complemented by essential shore-charging infrastructure. […]

Mitsubishi Electric Asia to spearhead decarbonisation in manufacturing across Asia

Mitsubishi Electric Asia has unveiled an ESG-driven collaboration with Evercomm in Singapore, aimed at addressing key challenges hindering the adoption of intelligent manufacturing practises in the Asia-Pacific region. The partnership leverages emerging technologies to promote low-carbon manufacturing. The principal obstacles to implementing intelligent manufacturing initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region include employee resistance to technology adoption, […]

California takes on big oil giants for climate justice

California has initiated a groundbreaking climate lawsuit against major oil companies, including Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, and Chevron, along with the American Petroleum Institute. Filed in San Francisco’s superior court, this lawsuit alleges that these companies have caused extensive damage amounting to tens of billions of dollars and deliberately deceived the public by minimising […]