Scania and Flix to combat CO2 emissions and boost circularity

German brand Flix and Scania have forged a long-term partnership aimed at advancing sustainable long-distance travel. Their shared vision is to expedite the transition to eco-friendly mobility by innovating new solutions and influencing infrastructure design. Initially, Scania will supply up to 50 Bio-LNG (LBG) coaches by 2025 to Flix, a provider of intercity bus services […]

Nestlé pilots low-carbon fertiliser project in the UK

In pursuit of Nestlé’s 2050 net-zero objectives and commitment to advancing regenerative agriculture, the company is initiating a pilot programme to evaluate the feasibility of using cocoa shells sourced from a confectionery facility in York to produce low-carbon fertiliser. The cocoa shells are supplied by Cargill. The two-year trial aims to assess the fertiliser’s impact […]

Sungrow secures energy storage deal for Chile with WEG-4 Fund

Sungrow, a global leader in inverters and energy storage systems, has inked a deal with the Investment Fund WEG-4 to provide a 60MW/132MWh liquid-cooled energy storage system (ESS), known as PowerTitan, for a project within Chile’s 72.8MW Maria Elena Solar Park in Antofagasta. This initiative will bolster the stability and adaptability of the Chilean National […]

Zero and Rolls-Royce collaborate on advancing fossil-free synthetic fuels

The landmark agreement underscores the accelerating momentum in the evolution of synthetic fuels as a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Under this new pact, the two entities will collaborate to showcase the efficacy of Zero® synthetic fuels across various Rolls-Royce engines intended for aviation, marine, and defence applications. It encompasses Zero’s comprehensive range of […]

GEA announces carbon capture portfolio for high-emission industries

Düsseldorf-based technology group, GEA has announced its carbon capture portfolio for the cement sector and other high-emission industries, with a focus on enhancing decarbonisation efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Practical trials at the Phoenix Zementwerke pilot plant in Beckum, Germany, have demonstrated remarkable results, slashing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in cement production by 90%. This facility, producing […]

ExxonMobil triumphs in UK’s first carbon storage licencing round

ExxonMobil’s ‘low carbon solutions’ division garnered four licences to explore potential subterranean sites for storing captured CO2 emissions beneath the UK North Sea. Collaboration efforts will see ExxonMobil partnering with Shell for three of the licences and with Neptune Energy for the fourth. The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA), the UK regulatory body, awarded these […]