Bekaert and Toshiba to develop global partnership for PEM electrolysis

Fuelled by the emerging opportunities in the shift towards energy transition and decarbonisation, Bekaert and Toshiba Corporation’s energy arm, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (Toshiba ESS), are accelerating their growth strategies in renewable energy markets, particularly in green hydrogen production utilising Hydrogen Production Technology with Reduced Iridium developed by Toshiba. Recently Yves Kerstens, CEO […]

easyJet to aid Airbus in advancing innovative carbon removal solution

easyJet has become the first airline in the world to sign a contract with Airbus for its carbon-removal initiative.  The technology uses Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS), to offer airlines worldwide carbon removal credits to advance their decarbonisation goals.  DACCS technology filters and removes CO2 emissions directly from the air using high powered […]

HIF Global and Empresas GASCO announce first carbon-neutral liquefied gas in the world

HIF Global, the world´s leading eFuels company, and the Chilean gas company Empresas GASCO, has announced the first production of carbon-neutral liquefied gas (“eLG”) generated with renewable energy from the strong winds of the Magallanes Region, at the Haru Oni eFuels facility in southern Chile. The project involved an R&D investment of $3 million from […]