InPlanet raises an oversubscribed seed round to increase funding to €5,6M

The investment is from leading impact, climate and deeptech investors, FoodLabs and Salvia, as well as investors from the pre-seed Round who invested again, Mudcake, Carbon Removal Partners and Übermorgen Ventures. InPlanet’s goal is to build a scalable solution for Carbon Removal through Enhanced Rock Weathering in the tropics and to become the leading company […]

Heirloom unveils America’s first commercial DAC facility, advancing national net-zero goals

The United States’ first commercial Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility will use limestone rocks to pull already-emitted CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere in an effort to mitigate the impacts of global climate change. The announcement highlights Heirloom’s rapid technical and business progress and marks a critical milestone for both America and California’s leadership in the race […]