3D virtual energy portal to drive employee sustainability engagement


An interactive 3D virtual energy awareness tool aims to drive employee engagement in meeting corporate sustainability goals.

Launch of the new tool follows research which highlights a lack of employee awareness when it comes to their company’s Net Zero commitments. Discover, which has been released by Net Zero Consultancy, Consultus International Group, is an intuitive tool that visually pinpoints energy usage in any business environment and provides effective measures that can be easily adopted.

This can be as simple as switching off the lights when not in use in common spaces, while for businesses that have more complexity in energy usage, Consultus International Group provides a customised development plan including live data feeds and active energy reporting to manage energy efficiency.

The launch follows the results of a survey of 100 employees, which showed that 80 per cent rated themselves as having either poor or only an adequate understanding of their company’s Net Zero commitments, and just 27 per cent saying they felt they are ‘engaged’ in a company’s Net Zero initiatives.

Harnessing the power of video, Discover is a unique platform offering a 3D visualisation of the workplace by presenting a real-life analysis of energy usage in and around any office setting, with effective solutions for reducing consumption.

Driven by the ambition for businesses increasingly seeking self-sufficient energy management solutions, Consultus International Group believes that ‘cultural engagement’ from employees is critical to both implementing and achieving Net Zero goals within an organisation.

To do this, the tool also provides employees with mini quizzes about energy usage in an identified area so they can instantly learn about ways to become more efficient, with an e-certificate available.

Accelerating a shift in the way energy is consumed in and around a typical office or building is set to be high on the agenda for 2023 while onboarding employees is considered to be a central part of the strategy and can reap numerous benefits.

Already piloted with several Consultus clients across the UK, implementing Discover has revealed that employees are more receptive to an interactive approach in educating themselves about Net Zero goals.

“From talking to our customers, we have identified the challenges they are facing with engaging their teams to understand the importance of how small changes can have a big impact on a company’s carbon footprint,” David Peake, director of Net Zero at Consultus, said. “Discover takes an interactive approach which immediately engages employees and makes the learning process far more interesting and memorable.”

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