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environmental reporting

Data and finance are the keys to environmental reporting solutions

With new laws requiring greater validity of reporting and ongoing doubt about the credibility of ...

Did Shell abandon ambitious strategy to reduce its carbon footprint?

After assuming the role of CEO at Shell Plc, Wael Sawan quietly halted the world’s ...

DevvStream launches first-of-its-kind blockchain based carbon offset programme

DevvStream Holdings, a leading carbon credit project co-development and generation firm specialising in technology-based solutions, ...
digital product passports

Digital product passports to fuel value chain sustainability

Digital product passports will play an increasingly central role in value chain sustainability and the ...
real estate

SEC rules and implications for real estate

The need and requirement to measure and report on the carbon footprint and environmental impact ...
satellite monitoring

Satellite monitoring for carbon offsetting

The use of carbon offsetting is set to grow rapidly driven by strict new rules ...

The battle for green credentials

Green credentials are a valuable prize in the PR battle to promote eco-friendliness, writes Nick ...
Olympic games

Net zero sport: the Olympic games

The 2000 Olympics in Sydney was promoted as the world’s first ‘green’ games, writes Nick ...

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