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Retailer opens new energy-efficient supermarket

One of the UK’s top retailers has opened a new store that uses only half ...

Taaleri’s international SolarWind III Fund concludes its first closing, totaling EUR 286 million

The Taaleri SolarWind III Fund, which marks Taaleri Energia’s sixth renewable energy fund is classified ...

Harvestone kicks off CO2 injection at carbon capture facility

Harvestone Low Carbon Partners, a portfolio company of Energy Capital Partners, has commenced carbon dioxide ...

sustainability consulting capabilities, plans to acquire EcoAct

Schneider Electric has announced its exclusive negotiations with Atos Group to acquire EcoAct, a European-based ...
carbon neutral

Sustainability consultancy achieves carbon neutral status

In a move to demonstrate its commitment to become net zero by 2030, EDW Group ...

Creating a sustainable maritime industry

Maritime shipping is on a voyage to net zero with battery power, bio-fuels, carbon capture ...
carbon footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint of one million websites

Reducing the carbon footprint of websites and IT systems is the latest initiative of content ...

Governance is key to net zero success

How does a $94 billion-a-year food company meet climate targets and comply with ever-stricter ESG ...
River Island

River Island’s journey to sustainability

Fashion brand River Island has over 300 stores worldwide employing over 1000 staff and last ...

Offsetting must be used as a last resort on the journey to net zero

Sophie Haas, head of sustainable investing at JP Morgan explains the need for incentives and ...

Regulation -v- market forces: the battle to drive change

Regulation and compliance is designed to power the journey to sustainability but market forces are ...
decarbonising manufacturing

Decarbonising manufacturing: challenges and opportunities

Decarbonising manufacturing is a key goal of Britain’s manufacturers as they seek to slash greenhouse ...

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