A cup of coffee and a carbon offset, please


Apostle provides award-winning organic coffee with carbon offsetting to support customers on their climate positive journey.

From bean to cup and packaging, the company’s entire process has been scrutinised, accredited and perfected to ensure their coffee is sustainable, ethical and environmentally-positive.

Apostle’s family-run roastery is ‘off-grid’, with energy generated onsite via a dedicated wind turbine and solar panels. All coffee is roasted to order and only the freshest beans are sent out. The process is energy efficient throughout to reduce waste and emissions.

The carbon neutral accredited brand has begun its 2023 carbon offsetting initiative by planting juniper trees and will plant a total of 1000 trees and shrubs, adding to the 500 planted last spring, to build a wildlife corridor and further improve habitats at a local permaculture site.

This year, the company will also be supporting indigenous people in Columbia to avoid deforestation, offsetting 34,000kg of CO2 through its partnership with ClimatePartner. In addition to this, through its own UK tree planting efforts, Apostle will be ‘insetting’ 800,000kg of CO2. For comparison, this is the equivalent emissions created by 1.39 million loads of washing at 30 degrees, 801 Bottles of wine, 139 new smart cars with basic specification, or 119 people’s average global annual emissions.

Coffee can be ordered as a carbon offsetting subscription or as a one-off purchase. The invite-only subscription service controls membership growth to safeguard environmental pledges and commitments.

For each new subscriber, Apostle plants a dedicated native broadleaf tree that will absorb around a ton of CO2 emissions, or approximately ten per cent of an individual’s annual carbon footprint. Subscribers receive a personalised certificate detailing their tree, a reusable coffee jar and regular deliveries of coffee in 100 per cent compostable packaging and with free delivery.

The company’s traceable coffee supply chain is fully committed to sustainable practices, fair prices and regenerative agriculture. It pays a fair price to coffee producers, meeting at least the minimum Fairtrade foundation standards but in most cases more. The individuals and co-operatives Apostle partners with are actively improving the lives of their workforce and communities, providing support for families, education and healthcare. Through this commitment, the ethically sourced coffee is of the highest environmental and moral standard.

Founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife team Charlotte and Jon Stanford, the award-winning coffee range is a carbon neutral accredited product and the company is committed to a zero plastic, zero landfill pledge, all their packaging is entirely home compostable. The full collection of over ten coffees is organic certified by the Soil Association and Ethy accredited.

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