Andes releases first-ever microbial carbon mineralisation methodology

Andes, a pioneering carbon removal company with a specific focus on inorganic carbon generation in agricultural soils, has announced the public release of its groundbreaking Microbial Carbon Mineralisation methodology. This milestone represents the culmination of extensive efforts by the Andes team, in collaboration with leading academic institutions, USDA scientists, agricultural communities, and experts in the carbon market.

To develop this ISO 14064 methodology, Andes partnered with EcoEngineers, a respected carbon consulting, auditing, and advisory firm renowned for its expertise in carbon removal monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) strategies. The methodology has undergone rigorous scrutiny by distinguished experts in various fields, including geochemistry, soil science, environmental microbiology, agriculture, and carbon removal. The approach integrates direct soil sampling based on Verra’s VM0042 protocol and incorporates feedback from USDA experts and the Andes science team.

Gonzalo Fuenzalida, CEO and co-founder of Andes, emphasised the methodology’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and conservatism. He believes that this approach sets the stage for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) companies to scale their activities sustainably while ensuring maximum visibility and transparency in their methods within open terrestrial systems.

Presently, the methodology is undergoing validation by Earthood, an accredited auditor, in accordance with ISO 14064, an internationally recognised standard for carbon project quantification, monitoring, and reporting. Successful validation will pave the way for independent third-party verification of Andes’ carbon removal activities and outcomes based on this methodology. The company remains committed to refining its approach and updating the methodology in line with the latest scientific knowledge on microbial carbon mineralisation (MCM) pathways.

The launch of this ISO 14064 methodology is a critical milestone in setting a high standard for reliable carbon dioxide removal quantification and MRV of microbial mineralisation on agriculture soils.

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