Angara Global and ClimateTrade signs MoU to revolutionise emissions reduction

This initiative represents a step towards a more sustainable future, leveraging their combined resources to develop innovative solutions tailored for both mandatory markets and hard-to-abate industries.

ClimateTrade is a leading climate-tech company dedicated to advancing environmental progress by driving decarbonisation through innovative technology solutions. Their expansive ClimateTrade marketplace, supported by Blockchain technology, boasts over 150 high-quality global projects. This platform facilitates connections between end-users and companies seeking to address their carbon footprint by investing in sustainable projects worldwide. Organisations can actively participate in global decarbonisation efforts through the purchase of carbon credits, biodiversity credits, contributions to renewable energy initiatives, or support for emerging carbon capture technologies.

On the other hand, Angara Global specialises in patented technologies that empower high-emission industries to achieve significant decarbonisation. Their innovative approach, featuring AI-enabled dynamic fouling removal, has been thoroughly assessed by DNV, a renowned independent assurance and risk management company, achieving a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 8+.

This collaboration between Angara and ClimateTrade paves the way for the deployment of Angara’s technology within highly-emitting sectors such as Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals. Importantly, it aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030), fostering positive social and environmental impacts in the regions where these technologies are deployed.

Fran Benedito, ClimateTrade CEO and Co-Founder, says: “We’re excited about teaming up with Angara Global to make a real difference. This collaboration is all about pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability, especially in industries that are tough to tackle. By combining our resources and network with Angara’s game-changing decarbonisation technology, we’re on a mission to transform how industries work while prioritising the environment. Our shared goal is to create a cleaner world by supporting even the hardest-to-abate industries while accelerating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Alex de Valukhoff, CEO of Angara, says: “Angara has a proven technology to significantly abate CO2 emissions in process industries such as refining and petrochemicals. Angara and ClimateTrade are uniting forces to provide new alternatives to the mandatory market and to the hard-to-abate industries. We will be working hand in hand to set up an efficient process that sets the basis for massive commercialisation in the near future”.

ClimateTrade and Angara are committed to cooperating in driving decarbonisation. Recognising the urgency of addressing environmental concerns, the companies are harnessing their collective strengths to pioneer a comprehensive approach that will pave the way for transformative breakthroughs. 

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