Employee demand for workplace sustainability learning content on the rise


With millennials and Gen Z driving the sustainability conversation, people across the world are feeling the effects of the climate crisis – and are determined to do something about it. Views on climate change, environmental impact, and sustainability are now being carried into the workplace and influencing employee decisions – according  to research from IBM, […]

Voices need to be heard across the entire value chain to transform the food system

Claire Benson, founder and director at SDG Changemakers explains why transforming our food system needs more collaboration and careful consideration of those involved For the first time in the history of climate talks, a presidency has dedicated an entire day to “Adaptation and Agriculture”. And it is more important now than ever. We are facing […]

COP 27: A timely reminder of the urgent need to decarbonise the built environment

Kevin Mcguane, energy services director, DMA Group believes that COP27 should serve as a wake-up call for governments and the entire building sector Our news agendas are currently dominated by the conflict in Ukraine and how it has turbocharged an acute energy availability and affordability crisis. Businesses and consumers are feeling the pinch. With energy […]

The power of one in the battle against climate change

Mitakshi Sirsi, director of sustainability at Will+Partners explains why individual action has a crucial role to play in our quest to achieve a net-zero future Earlier this month, it was disenchanting to see COP27 open in a luxury resort town, backed by questionable sponsors, a large increase in delegates from the fossil fuel industry, and […]

A defining moment in the fight against climate change, time for action on the ground

Dr Bruce Lascelles, president of British Society of Soil Science explains that a key solution has been right under our noses, and feet, the entire time: soil. Science has established beyond doubt that the window for action is closing rapidly. As the 27th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27) in Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh comes […]

Net zero is not good enough – we need to be nature positive

Ruth Murray, associate director of sustainable infrastructure at Gresham House outlines the importance of biodiversity on the journey to a net-zero future All eyes are on net zero – from governments at COP27 to corporations making pledges. Climate change poses an existential threat. But this is only one half of the equation. Nature has subsidised […]

COP27 makes positive progress but small steps are not enough

Joseph Lewis, policy lead at Institution of Environmental Sciences argues that we need a transformational approach to achieve our sustainability goals A year ago, COP26 was supposed to be a make-or-break moment for climate action. As the Institution for Environmental Sciences published its Manifesto for Transformative Change, we said that the decisions we make “will […]

Carbon capture and storage holds the key to a low carbon future

Glynn Williams, CEO at Silixa argues that CCS is vital to a low carbon future but requires investment and regulatory framework to make it a reality When we engage with the overriding messages from the environmental groups, we hear an argument that the fossil fuel sector and industrial sectors that emit carbon are the enemy. […]

Waste plastic can become the sustainable future of road surfaces

Toby McCartney, CEO and co-founder at MacRebur explains how plastic can be turned into a material to pave our roads instead of beings sent to landfill Did you know that 55 per cent of the UK’s plastic ends up in landfill? In fact, every single piece of plastic ever created is still here on earth […]

Climate anxiety is causing cognitive exhaustion in the workplace

Cara de Lange, founder of Softer Success explains why burnt-out people burn out the planet We are living in a fear-based world, where burnout and trauma are on the rise. Recent research by Sheffield University has revealed that a new trauma-infused burnout is arising, and Imperial College London has found eco-anxiety is on the rise. […]

Offsetting must be used as a last resort on the journey to net zero

Sophie Haas, head of sustainable investing at JP Morgan explains the need for incentives and investments into both mature and innovative solutions to achieve net zero The planet is in a critical phase and will require radical reform if we are to remain below the 1.5⁰C warming threshold. Decarbonisation must happen at an accelerated pace, […]

Why data centres are crucial to tackle net zero

Marc Garner, VP secure power division and major pursuits team, Schneider Electric UK & Ireland explains how data centres are becoming a key part of the solution to the energy crisis Today there is a growing energy crisis across Ireland. Data centres have been positioned as large consumers of power, causing potential disruption to consumer […]

Why we must tackle our aversion to energy efficiency to achieve net zero

Don McLean, founder and CEO at IES argues that the focus should be on increasing our renewable assets rather than taking a long-term punt on oil and gas On the surface, it is easy to see why the current energy crisis has led governments to resort to short-term measures to address the sky-rocketing price of […]

Effective use of data is crucial to improving the water usage for industrial operations

Jane Ren, CEO at Atomiton, explains that there are technologies available to drastically improve water usage Water touches every aspect of development and livelihoods, and it links with nearly every Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). It drives economic growth, supports healthy ecosystems, and is essential and fundamental for life itself. So proclaims the preamble to the […]

Passing time adds to the cost of responding to climate change

Sophie Haas, head of sustainable investing at JP Morgan explains why climate change will not be stopped without serious climate financing. At a time when extreme weather events are increasing in size and scale, the need for public and private financing in the transition to net-zero has never been more pressing. The last eight years […]

The healthcare sector can pave the way to green technology

Lucy Symons-Jones, director of net zero at Lexica explains why the UK public sector is where clean technology can prove itself before it can be scaled down to serve our homes and businesses. The energy crisis has highlighted, more than ever, the urgent need to get off of gas and move public sector organisations over […]

Misconceptions that the paper industry is the enemy of forests

Simon Pilkington is Director of Fedrigoni UK argues that the paper industry gets treated unfairly when its sustainability credentials are discussed This year’s COP27 occurs against a backdrop of war, extreme weather conditions, rising energy prices and great political and economic instability. The human cost has never been more palpable. Sentiments have been divisive, ambivalent […]

Effective energy storage: The essential enabler for affordable Net Zero

Seamus Garvey, professor of dynamics in the Faculty of Engineering at University of Nottingham argues that there is no energy crisis and there never was one. At any one time, the sun throws down over 10,000 times more energy onto the earth than we humans consume. All we need do is collect a tiny fraction […]

Why Africa’s COP needs to address African issues

Professor Desta Mebratu, waste management lead, United Nations high level climate champions and Engineering X initiative on open burning of waste explains why Africa must be the focus of the latest UN conference. Climate change is already having significant effects on the entire world. Those who are most affected are the world’s poorest and most […]

Better public transport is crucial to reduce the carbon footprint of mobility

Miguel Simão, lead data scientist at Stratio explains why public mobility must be at the forefront of COP 27’s approach to bringing down GHG emissions The transportation sector is the largest contributor to GHG emissions. So, while transitioning towards a future where all private vehicles are electric and zero emission is important, we must also reduce the […]