Waste management to get a digital transformation facelift

waste management

ISB Global and SAP aim to digitally transform waste management with a focus on recycling, sustainability and zero waste across global supply chains.  At present, a lot of waste management providers still use legacy IT systems, making it extremely difficult to track where waste is going, and in most cases, more recyclable waste is sent […]

Reskilling the sustainability managers of tomorrow


Corporate sustainability is growing in importance, day by day. Businesses are regularly being called out for greenwashing and consumers increasingly want to only associate themselves with companies that take sustainability seriously, so the need for senior leadership teams and the C-suite to consider environmental footprints has substantially grown. But, of course, businesses are struggling. Although […]

Responsible disposal of e-waste should be a business priority


When asked to think about the topic of e-waste and recycling, our brains are likely to conjure up the image of mountains of surplus food or seas of single-use plastics, probably because this is what is often shouted about the most within the media. But what about other equally important waste streams such as waste […]

How to avoid being accused of greenwashing


Companies throughout the EU will soon have to justify claims about their products being ‘eco-friendly,’ or face greenwashing penalties, according to a leaked draft plan addressing inflated environmental credentials across the board. But, with claims about businesses’ products being ‘sustainable’ having grown in recent years, an EU survey has found that 53 per cent of […]

How consumers are shaping corporate sustainability strategies

corporate sustainability

As climate change intensifies, companies across sectors are transforming their business models to forge a sustainable future – one that protects people, planet, and profits. According to a 2022 report from the Institute for Business Value (IBM), in the race to reduce emissions, consumption, and waste – while protecting biodiversity – everything is on the […]

Understanding how corporate PPAs are influencing the energy transition


Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) have enabled significant growth in the commercial and industrial renewable power supply space, influencing final investment decisions from developers and investors looking to construct new renewable energy assets. Big tech companies are some of the biggest purchasers of PPAs. Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta were the top three largest corporate buyers […]

How are new rules and regulations changing the use case for plastic packaging?

plastic packaging

The EU has recently announced a revision to current regulation to put an end to wasteful plastic packaging, boosting reuse and refill options and making all packaging recyclable by 2030. And it is not before time: according to the European Commission, almost 26 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated in Europe every year, with […]