World’s worst countries driving deforestation


Deforestation is among the biggest contributors to climate change, affecting around ten million hectares of land every year. A new report from Utility Bidder reveals which countries are currently responsible for the highest deforestation rates and the impact of forestry loss on CO2 emissions. Brazil, South America – 1,695,700 hectares of deforestation. With an average […]

New process captures CO2 from construction


Around 0.5% of global carbon emissions could be captured while crushing rocks used in construction, new research suggests. The materials and construction industry accounts for 11 per cent of global carbon emissions and more than 50 billion tonnes of rock are crushed worldwide every year. Current crushing processes, standard in construction and mining, do not […]

Challenges and opportunities in green business building

green business

Sustainability is not only an imperative for companies it’s also a huge opportunity for green business building. Companies that can innovate and scale during these fast-moving, uncertain times could set themselves up for exponential green business growth, according to a new report from McKinsey. McKinsey analysis shows that growing demand for net-zero offerings could generate […]

Energy concerns impact competitiveness and decarbonisation


Businesses remain concerned about the impacts of energy security and prices, which could be a catalyst for a range of environmental, social and economic ripple effects, according to ABB Electrification’s Energy Insights survey. Energy costs and insecurity are having a significant impact on the workforce with decreased investment in employees. Business leaders are also concerned about […]

Oil industry execs should pay personal environmental tax

Oil industry

Oil industry executives should contribute to the recovery of nature devastated by the impact of pollution from their industry’s products. That’s the opinion of former oil researcher and consultant Dr Jeremy Leggett, now founder and CEO of leading UK rewilding project Highlands Rewilding. Passionate about bringing people together in the fight against the climate and […]

A cup of coffee and a carbon offset, please


Apostle provides award-winning organic coffee with carbon offsetting to support customers on their climate positive journey. From bean to cup and packaging, the company’s entire process has been scrutinised, accredited and perfected to ensure their coffee is sustainable, ethical and environmentally-positive. Apostle’s family-run roastery is ‘off-grid’, with energy generated onsite via a dedicated wind turbine […]

Europe’s new Net Zero Industry Act to boost clean technology

Net-Zero Industry Act

The European Commission’s new Net-Zero Industry Act aims to scale up manufacturing of clean technologies in the EU. The new act aims to challenge state-backed competition from the United States and China and make sure that Europe is well-equipped for the clean-energy transition. The Net-Zero Industry Act will strengthen the resilience and competitiveness of net-zero technologies […]

eVTOL cargo planes for Middle East and Asia


eVTOL company AutoFlight has signed a deal to supply over 200 battery-powered aircraft for service in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The company has entered into a contract with EVFLY to supply the electric Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft following the success of its recent record breaking 250km all-electric flight. The agreement demonstrates AutoFlight’s […]

Only six countries meet WHO air pollution targets

air pollution

Only six countries met WHO air pollution targets last year: Australia, Estonia, Finland, Grenada, Iceland and New Zealand. Lahore in Pakistan is the city with the worst air pollution in the world according to a new global survey by IQAir. The 5th Annual World Air Quality Report reveals alarming details of the world’s most polluted […]

New EU net zero buildings directive


Regulation covering the environmental impact of buildings in Europe has been updated to meet new net zero targets. Three years after the European Green Deal prescribed that Europe would become the first climate neutral continent by 2050 and two years after the European Climate Law enacted a precedent to reduce emissions by at least 55 […]

Tallinn sets sustainable urban governance targets


Tallinn in Estonia is leading the network of European Green Capitals this year to promote ambitious sustainable urban transitions. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, seeks to establish new forms of urban governance and is looking forward to working with other cities in 2023. Supporting sustainable urban transitions and local green deals is at the heart […]

AI and cloud solutions to improve access to safe drinking water

safe drinking water

AI and cloud solutions will be harnessed to improve access to safe drinking water for projects focused on vulnerable populations. The IBM Sustainability Accelerator program applies IBM technologies such as hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence and an ecosystem of experts to enhance and scale projects focused on populations vulnerable to environmental threats. The program will support projects […]

Chile’s climate action is third best in the world


Chile’s climate protection performance is the best in Latin America and third best in the world, surpassed only by Denmark and Sweden. Chile has been recognised in the Climate Change Performance Index 2023 that annually assesses the progress of nearly 60 countries in implementing policies to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, taking into […]

Transport and energy must work together to decarbonise


As the largest contributor to domestic greenhouse gas emissions and major source of air pollution, the transport sector must decarbonise. The new ‘Decarbonising transport, let’s get moving together’ report brings recommendations on how to re-think travel demand, re-mode away from cars and re-power transport away from fossil-fuels. Decarbonisation is not just some technocratic process. It’s about a […]

Greenhushing must not impact sustainable action


With the rise in greenhushing organisations are being warned not to lose focus on their sustainability goals. Though greenhushing may seem like it helps companies avoid scrutiny, it could have a detrimental impact on our collective progress towards a more sustainable future. Greenhushing is the term given to organisations that are hesitant to share progress […]

Accelerated transition to electric mobility


Electric trucks and vans are an increasingly common site on roads across Europe and are key to the decarbonisation of transport. From battery-powered cargo bikes to heavy-duty freight trucks the move to electric vehicles is gathering pace and Renault is one of the key e-mobility players in Europe. Renault Trucks held 24.2 per cent of […]

Germany’s first carbon capture plant now online

carbon capture

Carbon capture technology is being used to remove CO2 from a major cement manufacturing plant in Rohrdorf, Germany. The carbon capture process at the plant in Upper Bavaria is designed for a daily capacity of up to 1,500 tons of CO2 and will make a considerable contribution to CO2 reduction and thus to a sustainable […]

Carbon offset projects to conserve 30 per cent of the planet by 2030

Carbon offset

Carbon offset projects representing 50m tons of global carbon trade have been established by Carbon Market Exchange. The company, that trades nature-based carbon offsets, has a carbon pipeline that now exceeds one billion tons. Carbon Market Exchange (CMX) offset pipeline should exceed 25 per cent of the world-wide market on a forward basis. The company […]

Germany plans compulsory CO2 labels for parcels

CO2 labels

German politicians and Deutsche Post are calling for introduction of CO2 labels on parcels delivered by couriers and delivery services. Industry professionals and politicians in Germany are calling for CO2 labels on all parcels, as part of its forthcoming postal law reforms. The labels would reveal the carbon footprint of individual parcels and the move […]

New maritime recycling site launched in Saudi Arabia


Recycling of vessels at their end-of-life will play a vital role in the creation of a circular maritime industry. A new sustainable recycling facility for end-of-life ships is planned at the port of Al Jubail in Saudi Arabia. In addition to four dry docks, various warehouses are being developed for the dismantling and recycling of […]

AI-based solution to reduce CO2 from high-emitting industries

high-emitting industries

A new AI-enabled solution aims to reduce 230m tonnes of CO2 from high-emitting industries such as oil refining by 2030. Dutch-based company Angara has designed and commercialised an innovative decarbonisation solution for energy-intensive process industries to substantially abate emissions and save costs by boosting the efficiency of heat exchanging equipment. The company’s DecarbonX Program includes […]