F1 stars powering the race to net zero


F1 drivers like Max Verstappen and Louis Hamilton may enjoy the rewards as Grand Prix winners but it is little-known backroom stars that power them to the top. Now three of Formula One’s most respected and successful technical gurus are powering the race to net zero with proven innovations that deliver real solutions to climate […]

C-suites failing on sustainability efforts

Better Business Act

Almost half of all SME C-suites are rudderless on the road to Net Zero and have nobody in charge of their sustainability efforts. As many as 2.75 million UK SMEs – 45 per cent – do not have anyone leading their sustainability efforts despite the nation’s small businesses making up 99 per cent of all […]

Sports fans divided on sustainability issues


There is a growing divide around sustainability among sports fans, creating a challenge for sporting organisations in their net zero efforts. The unpredictability of sustainability themes and topics discussed presents further challenges for sporting organisations attempting to implement an effective ESG strategy, according to new research.  The research report, “Sports fans on sustainability: what do they […]

CIOs gather to address IT and sustainability


ESG is growing in importance to IT buyers but CIOs are cautioned against investing in tech that fails to deliver on sustainability goals. The 2023 CIO Summit – themed Forging a Digital Path to Sustainable IT – revealed that CIOs are increasing investment in technologies that help drive ESG performance and business value and highlighted […]

Net zero strategy is key to finance and investment

ESG investment

The journey to net zero is accelerating as increasing alignment of regulation and finance drives rising levels of ‘green’ investment, but in the often-opaque world of eco-finance it can be hard for investors to identify ‘real’ sustainable assets. Now, in driving and measuring a company’s commercial resilience, a verifiable net zero transition strategy is considered […]

Australia’s climate tech industry needs $1.5bn to grow

climate tech

Australia’s climate tech industry needs $1.5 billion investment in the next 12 months to build the country’s net-zero economy. As a rapidly-growing industry currently worth over $4bn, Australia’s climate tech can play a vital role in meeting looming 2030 renewables and CO2 emissions reductions targets and to help avert climate catastrophe. Climate tech is also […]

The ROI of sustainability and role of the feed industry


ONE Dublin welcomed more than 500 delegates at Croke Park to explore sustainability solutions to the challenges facing the agri-food industry. The event saw industry leaders share valuable insights in live presentations and focus-track sessions while uncovering the challenges and opportunities related to agriculture. Tara McCarthy, global vice president for ESG at Alltech, highlighted the ROI of sustainability. “Our […]

Waste and recycling myths hold back industry


Recycling cuts the amount of waste deposited in landfill but myths and misunderstandings can mean that a lot of waste is never recycled. Ecoveritas has highlighted some common recycling myths and how we can best play our part and recycle in the most efficient way possible. False – The triangle icon means that something is recyclable […]

Changes to ESOS Phase 3


A range of changes have been made to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) that helps businesses reduce their energy consumption. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment scheme established by the UK government to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and lower their energy costs. Large businesses and organisations, including […]

CEOs view environmental challenges as opportunities


CEOs that are future-focussed are more likely to view environmental challenges as opportunities rather than threats. CEOs that have a future focus allow organisations to tackle global environmental issues such as water scarcity much more effectively than firms who have a focus on the present or outcomes of the past, according to new research by […]

Premier League aims for sustainability goals

Premier League

Fifteen million fans attend UK Premier League football matches every year generating 20 million car journeys while UK teams travel over 300,000 miles by air to play overseas matches. It all adds up to vast amount of energy use and thousands of tons of carbon released into the atmosphere. And that doesn’t include the carbon […]

90 per cent of seafood at risk from climate change


Seafood’s’ vulnerability to environmental change has been vastly understudied, with the US and producers in Asia most at risk. More than 90 per cent of global “blue” seafood production in both capture fisheries and aquaculture faces substantial risks from environmental change, with several leading countries in Asia and the United States set to face the […]

Clean-tech solution cuts vehicle emissions by half

vehicle emissions

A new clean-tech solution can cut vehicle emissions by half and is currently sold in 32 countries around the world. AdPower is inexpensive, can be installed by anyone immediately, can reduce black smoke by half, and is claimed to be one of the most effective exhaust gas countermeasures used in emerging countries. Adpower increases airflow […]

Finland aims for residential nuclear power plants


Steady Energy aims to decarbonise residential heating in Finland with small modular nuclear reactors. Steady Energy’s LDR-50 district heating reactor is a small modular nuclear reactor which has been in development at VTT since 2020. LDR-50 is a type name for a reactor with a heat output of 50MW. Designed to operate at around 150 degrees […]

19 years of free electricity from solar panel payback


Rooftop solar panels can pay for themselves in six years, with a lifespan of 19 years when the electricity generated is essentially free. At the same time, the cost of solar farms has reached just £54 per MWh (megawatt hour), compared to a price for gas power stations of £85 per MWh in 2025, as […]

Why carbon offsetting is not the answer to net zero

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting, compensating for emissions by investing in schemes designed to make reductions elsewhere, has been hailed by many as the be-all and end-all when it comes to businesses addressing their carbon footprints. But, while offsetting is a necessary part of the puzzle, Mauro Cozzi, co-founder of carbon management specialist Emitwise, believes it is not […]

AXA Climate training course for sustainable procurement


A new course from The Climate School, AXA’s climate training product, tackles the challenges of sustainable sourcing and procurement. Designed specifically for corporate buyers, ‘Sustainable Procurement’ offers actionable strategies to create a sustainable relationship with suppliers. In this new course, buyers will discover the central role they play in supporting their company’s social responsibility efforts and reducing environmental impact. […]

Circular fashion and sustainable manufacturing

circular fashion

A new industry-wide programme aims to support and guide the creation of a circular fashion ecosystem in the UK. The Circular Fashion Innovation Network is funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) via Innovate UK, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) & Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and will be aligned to the Institute of Positive Fashion, a […]

Greenwashing puts billions at risk for major brands


Many of the world’s largest brands have value at imminent risk if sustainability perceptions of stakeholders are not aligned with performance. Launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year, The Sustainability Perceptions Index showed that for many of the world’s most valuable businesses, there can be billions of dollars of financial value to be […]

Securing the ‘G’ in ESG


C-suites face strict requirements under ESG rules that place new demands on execs in the governance of their organisation. Standard corporate governance disclosures that were traditionally covered by voluntary reporting will now be mandatory under new ESG regulations such as the EU’s CSRD, due to come into force in 2024. The ‘G’ in ESG is […]

Dublin plays host to agri-food industry summit


More than 500 agri-food leaders gathered in Dublin to discuss solutions and strategies for success in agri-food industries. The discussions fostered at ONE Dublin explored collaborative solutions to the greatest challenges facing the agri-food industry as it confronts the “4 Cs” — the major forces of climate, conflict, consumer trends and rising costs. Dr. Mark […]