Carbonplace to provide transparency and access in the global carbon market

Carbonplace, the world’s only bank-led, global carbon credit transaction network, has announced a series of strategic partnerships with Verra, BeZero Carbon, Calyx Global, AlliedOffsets, Treefera, Rubicon Carbon, Viridios AI, and Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™ (Oka). These partnerships ensure that buyers and sellers of carbon credits will for the first time have unparallelled, end-to-end access to a broad array of high-quality credits and detailed data insights, a feature previously fragmented across the global market.

Carbonplace facilitates the secure, transparent, and streamlined transfer of certified carbon credits across a global network of buyers and sellers through their banks. The global voluntary carbon market is projected to grow by nearly 60-fold, reaching $500 billion annually by 2050, yet the market has been inhibited by challenges in transparency, security, and efficiency. Opaque pricing and concerns about credit quality have also dampened buyer confidence.

With carbon credit rating agency BeZero Carbon, whose independent ratings will be hosted on the platform, Carbonplace – a fintech that has been likened to the SWIFT of the carbon markets – is underscoring its dedication to providing clear and comprehensive data on credit quality. For the first time carbon markets participants can easily assess, compare, and trade different voluntary carbon credits all in one place: their Carbonplace portal.

Verra, the leading standard-setter for climate action and sustainable development, ensures that the VCU credits offered through Carbonplace adhere to the highest available benchmarks of quality and impact.

In collaboration with Viridios AI, a world leading carbon credit pricing and market intelligence platform, AlliedOffsets, the leading aggregated data source for carbon offsetting, Treefera, AI enabled provider of forestry data and analytics, and Rubicon Carbon, the next generation carbon solutions provider, Carbonplace is poised to address the longstanding challenges that market participants face, particularly around price transparency and project information. Together, Carbonplace users will benefit from price information supporting their portfolio of carbon credits and comparable projects.

Through its partnership with Oka, Carbonplace’s global network of buyers and sellers can now also de-risk their climate investments with first-of-its-kind carbon insurance. By providing its members access to financial compensation in the event of unforeseeable and unavoidable post-issuance risks, Carbonplace aims to strengthen confidence in and capital for climate solutions.

These new collaborations further cement Carbonplace as a critical infrastructure, connecting banks, their clients, and key market participants with data at the core of the carbon market. Previous partnerships with key voluntary carbon market participants, such as Climate Impact X, established a foundation from which Carbonplace has evolved into a hub of connectivity.

Scott Eaton, CEO of Carbonplace, said, “Carbonplace is where the emerging world of carbon markets meets the established world of finance. Built by banks for banks, Carbonplace will give users essential tools like transparent pricing and real-time insights, ensuring they are well-positioned in the swiftly evolving carbon market of tomorrow.”

Through its new partners, Carbonplace will facilitate deeply informed decision-making across its member network. Carbon credit buyers and sellers will enjoy the ability to manage their portfolios in real-time, guaranteeing traceable and efficient settlement of carbon credit transactions, with the retirement of credits achievable within minutes. Furthermore, Carbonplace accounts enable owners to reliably demonstrate ownership to the market, reducing the risks of double counting and simplifying reporting.

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