Energy concerns impact competitiveness and decarbonisation

Businesses remain concerned about the impacts of energy security and prices, which could be a ...

New EU net zero buildings directive

Regulation covering the environmental impact of buildings in Europe has been updated to meet new ...

Transport and energy must work together to decarbonise

As the largest contributor to domestic greenhouse gas emissions and major source of air pollution, ...
high-emitting industries

AI-based solution to reduce CO2 from high-emitting industries

A new AI-enabled solution aims to reduce 230m tonnes of CO2 from high-emitting industries such ...
green steel

Sweden to produce Europe’s first commercial green steel

Sweden is leading the race to decarbonise steel production with the building of a new ...

Energy crisis is accelerating the electrification of transport

Rising energy costs are accelerating investment in the electrification of transport and renewable power, according ...

2000WSCA scheme aims for six-fold reduction in US energy use

2000WSCA, the 2000-Watt Smart Cities Association, is seeking a six-fold reduction in every American’s energy ...

NCAP report highlights India’s failure to curb pollution

India’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions have been highlighted in a NCAP report that shows ...
the cloud

It’s time to address the environmental impact of the cloud

The cloud has become a vital tool of business and industry but many organisations fail to ...

UK’s first waste-to-DME plant one step closer to construction

A planned £150m plant will produce renewable & recycled carbon DME a clean, sustainable fuel ...
Green Deal

EU launch Green Deal Industrial Plan to accelerate net zero efforts

The European Commission has announced its Green Deal Industrial Plan in a bid to keep pace ...

Sustainability claims are not trusted by business rivals

Sustainability claims made by companies are not believed by the majority of commercial rivals, according ...

EU plans new industry law to boost cleantech by 2030

The head of the EU has called for a new law to boost cleantech funding ...

Decarbonising hospital trust will save £800,000 a year

Decarbonising the heating system at a UK healthcare trust is expected to save more than ...

Insulation could cut gas imports by three times more than new North Sea drilling

Insulation of homes could save up to 384TWh (terawatt hours) of gas over the period ...
wind power

Wind power records are broken in the UK

The UK set a new wind power record in November when British wind farms averaged ...
data centre

Data centre strategies for carbon reduction

Data centre operators are under pressure to reduce carbon emissions and report their environmental impact ...
IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure reduction is key to reaching net zero targets

IT infrastructure and reduction of its energy use is the key to meeting net zero ...

ESOS Phase 3 compliance to reduce energy costs and emissions

ESOS, the UK’s mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is now in its third phase and ...
net zero

New energy a credible way to achieve global net zero

Plausible pathways still exist for net zero to get on track to below two degrees ...

Dual-fuel transport network to slash GHG emissions

Dual-fuel vehicles using hydrogen technology are helping to create a greener transport network and save ...

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