Finland aims for residential nuclear power plants

Steady Energy aims to decarbonise residential heating in Finland with small modular nuclear reactors. Steady Energy’s ...

France accelerates production of sustainable biofuels

The HYNOVERA project aims to develop a global ecosystem for production of biofuels from 100 ...

New hydrogen and ammonia plant for Finland

Hy2gen is to build an 800MW ammonia plant near the town of Kokkola in Finland ...
renewable energy

Countries leading the world in renewable energy

Countries leading the world in renewable energy generate up to 98 per cent of their ...
carbon capture

US Senate introduces new carbon capture legislation

US Senators have introduced new carbon capture legislation aimed at supporting development of innovative climate ...
smart meters

£19.5 billion benefit from rollout of smart meters

Consumers and business in UK were promised a £19.5bn benefit from smart meters but costs ...
renewable energy

Clearing a path to renewable energy transition

Wide-ranging barriers are preventing renewable energy from contributing effectively to a green energy transition. Barriers ...

UK’s first deep geothermal heating plant is now live

A pioneering geothermal heating plant at the Eden Project in Cornwall went live today and ...
North Sea

North Sea moratorium equivalent to one wind farm

If new North Sea gas fields were halted, gas production in 2030 would be equivalent ...
data centres

Data centres must collaborate to decarbonise digital infrastructure

Serverfarm is calling for an end to the siloed thinking that is preventing real sustainability ...

Security of energy supply is industry’s top concern

Three-quarters of energy leaders say that security of energy supply is the number one concern ...
carbon footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint of one million websites

Reducing the carbon footprint of websites and IT systems is the latest initiative of content ...
electric road

China developing a ‘charge while driving’ electric road network

Machinery manufacturer SANY is investing heavily in hydrogen production and is also developing a ‘charge ...

EU doubles firefighting fleet to address climate change impacts

The EU has doubled the number of firefighting resources across Europe in preparation for expected ...
Low carbon

Low carbon heat network for St James’s University Hospital

Low carbon heat from the Leeds PIPES district heating network will power the Leeds Teaching ...
net zero

£4.2bn for innovation to deliver net zero

The UK Government has set out its research and innovation priorities in pursuit of net ...
National Grid

National Grid calls for urgent reform to drive UK energy transition

National Grid has detailed how industry, government and regulators can take action to enable decarbonisation ...

New data platform to boost water industry innovation

A new data platform will enable water companies and others to share data to address ...

UK hits major clean energy milestone

The UK has hit a major milestone with one trillion kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity ...

New stationary energy solution to reduce carbon footprint

A new ESS battery solution can reduce energy efficiency losses by up to 50 per ...

Managing a multi-billion dollar net zero regeneration project

The Tees Valley project is Western Europe’s most significant economic regeneration development and net zero ...

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