Changes to ESOS Phase 3

A range of changes have been made to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) that ...

AXA Climate training course for sustainable procurement

A new course from The Climate School, AXA’s climate training product, tackles the challenges of sustainable sourcing ...
digital product passports

Scope 3 success requires competitor collaboration

Scope 3 emissions are a minefield no matter how large or small the organisation – ...
textile waste

Huddersfield Uni in £4m textile waste recycling project

The University of Huddersfield is involved in a new £4m project that aims to stop ...

New haulage portal for eco-friendly waste recycling

A new online platform aims to address the logistical challenges of moving waste commodities across ...

Packaging industry is split on sustainability

Leading companies in the packaging sector are split in their efforts, and corporate belief, in ...
net zero

GreenCareersHub to boost 725,000 net zero jobs

A new careers hub has been launched to meet the growing need for skilled green ...

Sustainable packaging cuts emissions by 87 per cent

A new reusable packaging and returns solution eliminates single-use packaging for eCommerce retailers. Manchester-based no-boxx ...
waste textiles

Automated circular economy plant for waste textiles

UKFT is developing a fully-integrated and automated sorting and pre-processing plant for waste textiles from ...

Parma ham consortium unveils eco-friendly packaging

Research carried out by the Consortium of Parma Ham has identified alternative materials for plastic ...
economic growth

Economic growth is no path to global sustainability

Affluent countries must look beyond economic growth to achieve sustainable development, says a study from ...
product design

Building sustainability into product design

Creating a sustainable product involves every part of the item’s design, material sourcing, manufacture, distribution, ...
World Environment Day

Youth delegation demands climate action

Youth stars, broadcasters and climate experts are demanding a new, serious and science-led environmental law. ...
World Environment Day

World Environment Day takes aim at plastic pollution

This year’s World Environment Day (5th June) is focusing on the urgent need to reduce ...

The EU sustainable textiles strategy

The textiles industry has a major impact on the environment, from the production of fibres ...
plastic pollution

EU Japan and Chile offer best solutions to plastic pollution

The $100bn per annum problem of plastic pollution shows no sign of abatement but proven ...

New universal definition of plastic reuse systems

A detailed plan to transform product packaging and significantly cut plastic production and pollution has ...
Environmental risk

Navigating environmental risk to supply chains

Environmental risk impacts all industries that rely on a supply chain and risk is now ...
EU Taxonomy

EU Taxonomy and implications for business

Climate change adaptation is one six core objectives of the EU Taxonomy regulation that is ...

Retailer opens new energy-efficient supermarket

One of the UK’s top retailers has opened a new store that uses only half ...
GHG emissions

Over a third of businesses yet to take action on GHG emissions

Thirty-five per cent of firms admit they have yet to begin to actively reduce GHG ...

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