Clarity AI and Aspiration partner to launch consumer sustainability solutions

Clarity AI, the leading sustainability tech platform announces it has partnered with Aspiration, a top global climate finance company, to launch sustainability assessment solutions for consumer use cases. This unique partnership will deliver effective and accessible solutions to consumer platforms (e.g. e-commerce, retail banks, supermarkets, etc.) to help end users measure and reduce their carbon footprint and understand the sustainability performance of merchants by combining Clarity AI’s high-quality, transparent data and tools with Aspiration’s best-in-class carbon removal projects.

Customers will be able to assess the sustainability of the brands they buy and their current spending habits based on Clarity AI’s personalised data tracking and AI capabilities, helping them to identify ways to positively change their purchasing patterns.

Clarity AI calculates the impact of a consumer’s spending and helps them understand company-specific sustainability information rather than broad, industry-level spending trends. It also provides recommendations on how consumers can maximise the impact of their purchases and actions.

Based on this data, Aspiration will offer customers the opportunity to mitigate their carbon footprint by purchasing credits from high-quality, nature-based climate solutions that are rigorously vetted to deliver real, tangible impact that contributes toward the path to net zero.

Aspiration will also offer customers the opportunity to contribute to carbon removal projects with benefits beyond climate impact such as biodiversity improvements and job creation for underrepresented communities. This approach allows users to support projects that align with their values in broader environmental and social dimensions.

Aspiration implements best-in-class standards when it comes to vetting carbon removal and avoidance projects on average, less than one in five projects. Aspiration reviews through its diligence process make it into its pipeline of approved projects.

Rebeca Minguela, Founder & CEO of Clarity AI commented: “We believe that customers need and want to act, and they need data and tools to do so. They need to seamlessly see the carbon footprint of their purchases and trust that information. Then they need to easily offset those and get recommendations on how to maximise their impact going forward. Partnering with Aspiration, we can satisfy all those criteria and help consumers find a path to a more sustainable future.”

Olivia Albrecht, CEO of Aspiration commented: “The best way to transition to a low-carbon economy is for businesses, consumers, and communities to work collectively to achieve climate goals. The solution we’re providing through our collaboration with Clarity AI is all about giving consumers access to climate data and the tools to take action right at their fingertips via their mobile apps.”

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