Cool Earth and Hexagon partner for sustainable eco-projects


Eco-projects aimed at protecting rainforests and indigenous communities are planned by a new green partnership.

Cool Earth, a charity that backs people to protect the rainforest and fight climate change has partnered with Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division to launch eco-projects that support people in protecting rainforest habitats and indigenous communities in their efforts to fight climate change.

Cool Earth is a people-first climate charity that gets cash in the hands of people living in rainforests to ease social and climate pressures that lead to deforestation. Indigenous peoples and local communities are the best stewards of rainforest and Cool Earth’s work ensures they can do just this.  

The eco-projects partnership brings together industrial giant Hexagon and the expertise of Cool Earth for rainforest conservation. Using Hexagon’s measurement and digital reality technologies the partnership aims to raise awareness about the importance of taking action on climate change by funding projects that improve understanding and address the needs of people that live in and protect carbon sink environments.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Hexagon,” said Matthew Owen, Cool Earth’s director. “Their work in technology and their commitment to sustainability make them the perfect partner for us as we work to improve education and help people understand importance of taking action on climate change through engagement with local communities.”

Through the partnership, Hexagon will provide vital funding to back people-powered conservation across three largest rainforest biomes: the Amazon, Congo and New Guinea forests.

In addition, the two organisations will look to explore ways in which Hexagon’s technology and services can help further support indigenous peoples work within their rainforest habitats through measurement and modelling the outcome of changes in the virtual world, something Hexagon calls Smart Digital Reality.

“Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today, and at Hexagon we are committed to doing our part to address it,” said Stephen Chadwick, president EMEA, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “Partnering with Cool Earth enables Hexagon to have a better understanding of current threats to the environment that indigenous populations are experiencing first-hand and helps educate us on how best we can utilise our technology to drive sustainability and lasting change. Together, we will be able to leverage our respective strengths to create the culture and understanding we need for real change.”

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