Corporate Governance Institute launches university-accredited ESG Diploma


The Corporate Governance Institute has launched the world’s first university-accredited ESG Diploma for company executives and directors.

As ESG and environmental activities become more important and reporting more stringent, it will be increasingly vital that business leaders are educated. This, in turn, will ensure better policy – future proofing the planet, as well as corporate reputation and bottom lines.

Founded in 2020, the Corporate Governance Institute has already become the global leader in the certification of existing and aspiring boardroom directors. Over 500 UK C-level directors and CEOs have taken the original course, a university-accredited Diploma in Corporate Governance, in 2022 alone. 

Anthony Quigley, the co-founder of the Corporate Governance Institute, said:  “Businesses are facing a myriad of complex problems, and things are only becoming difficult. The engagement and education of business leaders  are essential to navigating these developments. No policy area is this clearer than ESG – which necessitates an engaged, multifaceted response; this starts with education.  

“Ultimately, we launched this diploma course to help people better steer business strategy. We are committed to the fact that education should not stop when you reach the top – in fact, it only becomes more important. This is especially true when it comes to the environment, diversity and inclusion, and good governance – the pillars of ESG”.

As company regulation and personal reputation become increasingly important, the boardroom is more critical than ever for setting the correct business strategy, driving growth, and managing risk. This is driving a significant uplift in demand for high quality and flexible certification in corporate governance, as well as other key areas such as ESG.

“The demand for this ESG course, as well as our initial offering – the Diploma in Corporate Governance, has been staggering. In response, we have had to expand our operations in the UK and Irish markets,” says Quigley. “This truly is great to see, as ESG isn’t just about doing better for people and the planet, but also about managing risk; whether that’s from bad press, activist investors, law suits, or short-sighted business or investment practices”.

Investors now expect boards have processes for renewing members and increasing their effectiveness. As a result, the number of “next-gen directors” on boards is increasing – with many expected to be experts in digital transformation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and more.

The Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance is designed and delivered by directors for directors; it is globally recognised and democratises access to governance training. The Diploma is affordable, dynamic and online – meaning students enjoy the greatest flexibility. Furthermore, 97 per cent of execs that have taken our courses would recommend them to others.

The CGI’s diplomas are certified by leading universities, ensuring globally-recognised qualifications and a world-class syllabus for the modern board director.

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